Request Compost Services for Camden

Request Compost Services for Camden

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Why this petition matters

Started by Emily Wilson

Are you interested in Valet Compost services in our community?

I reached out to Compost Now, to get a commercial quote on their services. Much like our current Valet Trash, Compost Now would collect bins of your compostable waste directly from your doorstep. Camden can choose to have anywhere from 1-3 bins collected once a week (1 bin is recommended for homes with under 3 people).

This service starts at $195 a month for the ENTIRE property. According to, Camden Midtown Atlanta has 296 units total, this means that if the office passed the cost onto the residents, each unit would pay less than $1 per month. 

Also, if you are still wary of any extra money being added onto our monthly payments, I also reached out to Trash Butler for a reduced quote. Currently we pay $35 a month for 7 day a week pickup. However, they also offer 5 day a week pickup. Trash Butler wasn't willing to give me a quote as I am not a property manager, but the apartment I moved from in downtown Atlanta had a 5 day a week pickup service from Valet Living and the cost was $25 per month per unit. This means Camden, could (if we as residents desire) reduce the cost of our trash pickup, to make room in the budget for Compost Now. 

Finally, if you are wondering if the waste you have even qualifies to be composted, here is a list of everything Compost Now accepts. They also provide airtight bins, to prevent the smell from escaping the bin. 

I reached out to the leasing office in January with this suggestion, but they didn't seem interested in making a decision like this without proof that it's something the majority of our community wants, so please sign this petition to show your support!

Let's save our money and our planet!


27 have signed. Let’s get to 50!