Request change the Children's Act (Safeguarding 47 Clause)

Request change the Children's Act (Safeguarding 47 Clause)

16 July 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Bridget Sarah

On Saturday 09th July 2022. 3:30am – Bridget Sarah (Mother) & Eoin (Father) of Lexi were indirectly accused of Child Abuse by the Children’s Emergency Department at Queens Hospital, Romford (Nurse and Paediatrician on shift).

If you have been indirectly accused of Child Abuse and has been proven like us - nothing to do with Child Abuse - apart from your child accidentally bruises in nature or aka bit of a klutz then please read our story.

The stress, trauma, disrespect, embarrassment, unprofessionalism was a level of unacceptable what they have caused our daughter let alone us and the malpractice we witnessed multi-agency between Police, Social Services, Queens hospital.

Formal Investigation has been launched by Quality Care Commissioner
which has sent a Hospital Inspector to Queens Hospital, Romford.Full witness account is available on the story

Please Read it - 

  • Our mission is to bring an update to the Children’s Act 1989 Section 47 in the way the Safeguarding Process is handled for children to prevent children from ‘slipping through the net’.
  • Staff should NOT ‘automatically’ ‘presume’ and indirectly ‘accuse’ parents especially ‘main parents’ , caregivers of child abuse especially if the bruises are happening elsewhere e.g. School, Soft play, or even after-school activities. Staff should be understanding, be open-minded to support parents to get down to the bottom of the case.
  • Safeguarding Process is handled within 24 hours – eliminate trauma / stress for both the children and parents – Including Weekends & Bank Holidays – even if overtime is required!
  • Children’s Right – Ignored – If the child wants to go home and return the next day then let them choose a parent or a relative for the child to stay overnight to promote the wellbeing and mental health of the child.
  • Social Services | Safeguarding Team – They expect parents to be open and truthful but they are not back and they should be honest and open with their information to inform parents.
  • Safeguarding System – a Joint Professionals software system to ensure that all parties are up to date even if they are – cross county border
  • Safeguarding Ward - Monitored 24/7 to validate parent’s behaviour around their child.
    • * if parents cannot stay overnight – Ward to provide a night ‘caregiver’ at no cost to parent and parent to return at 7am to child to spend daytime.
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Signatures: 5Next Goal: 10
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