It's time to quit the Republican Party - open letter to all Republicans in congress

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To All Republican Members of Congress:

It’s Time to Quit the Republican Party (There’s No Such Thing as a Patriotic Republican)

Perhaps you joined the Republican party at a time when it stood for laudable American values such as self-sufficiency, personal responsibility, respect for the law, patriotism, honesty, maintaining strong alliances, defending against our adversaries, and supporting families. In the mid-nineties, when Newt Gingrich adopted a policy of Republican obstructionism, effectively ending cooperation in government at the federal level, you might have felt some concern.  After all, your job was to serve the American people and keep America strong, and perhaps you realized that a government made up of warring factions whose main goal is to inflict damage on the opposing party cannot function effectively. But since your side was gaining power, you probably rationalized that you might be able to accomplish some of the laudable goals of your party.

When Gingrich used your party’s power and the People’s time and money to investigate and impeach a president for having an extramarital affair, while Gingrich himself was having an extramarital affair, you might have been upset by the hypocrisy of this act, as well as by the politicization of this extremely solemn and important check on presidential power. But since your side was the aggressor, you let it slide without complaint.

When the razor-thin election of George W. Bush laid bare the rampant and most likely criminal (Katherine Harris) Republican actions to suppress the vote of poor and minority voters, you were probably aware of the immoral behavior, but did nothing because once again you were on the winning side. This election gave Bush the opportunity to enact some of the policies that your party had come to stand for. He invaded a sovereign nation (Iraq) based on blatant lies, costing taxpayers over two trillion dollars, destabilizing the Middle East and causing much bloodshed and destruction. He cut taxes three times, with the benefits going overwhelmingly to the rich, and put the nation in even deeper debt. He deregulated the financial industry, leading to the financial collapse of 2008. Still, you stayed loyal to your party.

After Obama was elected, your party pledged to obstruct him at every turn - your stated goal was to make him fail.  You obstructed his efforts to lift America out of its financial collapse (he succeeded anyway). You obstructed his efforts to provide health care to all Americans, even though improving our health care system was a top priority for a majority of Americans. You prevented him from appointing a justice to the Supreme Court, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that maximizing your party’s power was more important than governing the country in good faith.  Still, you continued to associate yourself with the Republican party. Perhaps you had convinced yourself that nothing important could get accomplished in a government where there is cooperation between parties?

In 2016 Donald Trump was elected president.  Your party was originally hesitant to support him. Perhaps you feared that Trump’s lack of public decorum might embarrass and weaken the party. However, it didn’t take you long to throw your full support behind a racist, sexist pathological liar who was known to rip off his workers and other people who did business with him, and who most likely colluded with a hostile foreign power to win the election.  

Since he has taken office, Trump has violated the emoluments clause multiple times, has obstructed justice multiple times, and continues to lie nearly every day.  He has decimated the federal government by failing to fill vital positions, and has attacked the organs of government charged with keeping our country strong and safe. He has enacted a policy of taking children away from migrant families seeking asylum, started trade wars, threatened our closest alliances and made concessions to our adversaries while getting nothing in return.

Still, the Republican party continues to support him, and by doing so, takes part in carrying out his policies.  By continuing to be a Republican member of congress, you are enacting Trump’s policies.

You are attacking the FBI.

You are attacking our closest and most loyal allies.

You are impulsively starting trade wars without considering the economic consequences.

You are destroying the environment.

You are making our children unsafe at school.

You are heaping crippling debt onto future generations of Americans.

You are taking innocent children and babies from their parents.

You are helping Russia interfere in our elections.

You are denying poor people and minorities their right to vote.

You are lying to the American people when you fail to call the president out on his lies.

You cannot do these things and still call yourself a patriotic American. There is no such thing as a patriotic Republican.

It’s time to quit the Republican party.


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