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Expand the construction of high-speed trains to major neighboring cities

The expansion of high-speed trains is becoming more and more logical by the day. Americans, who already rely heavily on gasoline being imported, use nearly 70% of consumed oil for personal transportation alone. Making it clear that something needs to be done to lower these figures. Expanding high-speed trains to big cities such as Chicago, Madison, and Minneapolis allow for Americans to lower their ecological footprint significantly. With gas prices and the dependence on petroleum only on the rise, it's crucial that alternatives are looked at when dealing with public transportation. The United States, expected to increase by 70 million people in the next 25 years, is in a pretty tough position having to deal with over population. The use of high-speed trains will drastically help with the congestion on roads, airports, and highways. 

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  • Republicans and other governors against high-speed trains

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