Free & Fair Elections In Wisconsin Start From Within RPW

Free & Fair Elections In Wisconsin Start From Within RPW

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The Modern Patriot Republican Party of Wisconsin

Why this petition matters

Started by Monty Alexander

In 2020, we found our faith in our election security shaken and the relative process questionably executed. Additionally, it is well known, though not publicly acknowledged by RPW that certain activities and actions are being carried out and taken to limit the campaign field of viable candidates, candidate platforms, policy messaging.

It is in the spirit and expectation of free and fair elections that we and the signers of this petition demand that the Republican Party of Wisconsin exemplifies and demonstrates its commitment to the integrity of our elections by rescinding and modifying the restrictions on candidates and timelines associated with qualifying for the RPW nomination.

We acknowledge that officially the RPW states that it supports all candidates and platforms equally but unofficially has already decided on what platform and candidates they have selected for their support and subsequent party nomination.

Some of these actions and activities include...

·         Encouraging candidates, unofficially, to drop out from the races

·         Limiting access to county campaign resources such as events and office access

·         Attempting to pigeonhole candidates with shortened deadlines

·         Imposing requirements on campaigns to cease campaigning for the offices sought by their candidates should the RPW endorsement not be obtained.

·         Obstructing canvassing teams and staffers from promoting their campaigns in county offices

It is due to this cloudy and murky nomination process that The Modern Patriot and supporting candidates, voters, and patriots are issuing the following demands of the Republican Party of Wisconsin to ensure that republican primary elections are fair and declared candidates get an absolute and fair chance at the offices they are seeking.

It has long been rumored and argued that the RPW has been quietly urging candidates to drop out of their races and that the RPW has long since already decided which candidates they want to run in the 2022 primary in August.

This declaration and subsequent petition have been developed to protect our primaries and the following general election to ensure that all candidates currently seeking office and the RPW nomination are allowed a fair opportunity and reasonable time to both fundraise and promote their platforms without the impedance of the state party's perceived bias of candidates.

We issue the following demands and petition to accomplish four objectives.

1) The RPW deadline for fundraising and subsequent Nomination Committee selection will be pushed back to Wednesday, May 11th, 2022

·         The current deadline of March 15th is far too soon for any candidate without a long-established following or prior party support to expect to qualify for the RPW endorsement.

·         The requirement does not allow any candidate to take advantage of canvasing opportunities and efforts made during the initial months of signature gathering which does not begin until April 15th, with the understanding that many donors will use their tax refunds rather than their disposal income during hard financial times in Wisconsin to make contributions to the campaigns of the candidates they support

·         Allows candidates to reach most small donors required by the same RPW restrictions and requirements outlined in the RPW Endorsement Policy.

·         The current time constraint is far too narrow a window provided is intentionally meant to limit candidates outreach and ability to campaign, reach voters, and compete for the support needed

·         Candidate presentations, as outlined, are ten minutes long which can easily be accomplished over the 9 business days leading up to the State Convention.

2) The RPW will rescind the "Post-Primary Unity Pledge"

·         Candidates should be allowed to depart from RPW endorsed candidates' platforms and their relative policy items should their own platforms and policy differ but remain within the scope of the longstanding conservative principles of what is defined as a republican.

·         The current actions and forced policy of RPW do not necessarily reflect Wisconsin conservatives and Republican voters within the state of Wisconsin.

·         Candidates will not be required to terminate their campaign if they do not receive the RPW endorsement and nomination.

·         Criteria and definitions of "smear" must and will be clearly defined so as to allow candidates to engage constructively over opposing candidates' policy and explanation of that policy so as to encourage healthy debate of the issues the voter's issues within the scope of the office they are seeking.

3) The RPW will make public all documents and required pledges regarding the criteria for compliance by candidates to be "in general agreement with the principles of the Republican Party"

·         All criteria used to discern and outline what RPW expectations candidates to follow as principles shall be stated and made public to republican voters throughout the state for critique and to inform, made available at every county office throughout the State of Wisconsin

4) The RPW will cease absolving incumbents from all viability requirements

·         Incumbent candidates will be required to demonstrate the same capacities and understand of their office’s issues prior to the obtainment of any RPW nominations

Candidate campaigns shall be judged on their benefit to the people of Wisconsin and no longer will criteria be defined by their benefit the RPW

11 have signed. Let’s get to 25!