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Republican Party: Lead the Fight Against Corruption

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Conservatives are tired of not being represented by our own government. That’s why we’re asking our Republican leaders to make fighting corruption part of the GOP platform. 

Too often, our public officials serve big money and special interests – from passing legislation that benefits their donors and family members, to providing favors in the contract bidding process, to taking bribes outright. Some of these actions are illegal, but all of them are corrupt.

It’s time to make corruption illegal in America.

The RNC can lead the way by embracing the American Anti-Corruption Act – a powerful law developed by Republican leader and former FEC Chairman Trevor Potter that ends secret money, stops political bribery, and gives voters a stronger voice, all while preserving our constitutional rights. 

The occasional corruption stories you see and hear in the news are only the tip of the iceberg. I can attest from personal experience; not only am I a lobbyist, but for years, I worked covertly with our government, including years as a confidential informant. Often wearing a wire, I helped with numerous investigative operations, including the famous FBI sting that led to the arrests of two sitting mayors and their associates in Florida’s Miami-Dade County. In my time as an FBI informant, I learned that corruption is happening behind closed doors every day. We cannot afford to sit idly by as secret money and political bribery destroy our government.

As Americans, it is both our nature and our duty to protect our country from the threat of corruption. Imagine if the Sons of Liberty had not protested in Boston back in December of 1773. The British government probably would not have closed Boston's port commerce (the economic engine of the area), and our founding fathers would not have convened the First Continental Congress, a key step in the formation of our great country.

Please join me in taking a stand against our corrupt political system. Sign this petition to add the American Anti-Corruption Act to the Republican platform.

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