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Tell the RNC - Enough is Enough

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Yesterday, July 12th, the Republican Party released its Platform for the 2016 Election cycle, one that can be easily summarized as not representing the majority of the Republican Party. Now it should be known outright that the only thing left to do for this Platform to become the official position of the Republican Party is it must be approved by a simple majority vote at next weeks National Convention. We MUST act to prevent this platform from passing, for the following reasons:

  • The draft includes language that continues to alienate voters regarding Republicans same-sex marriage position. Instead of simply not mentioning something supported by a majority of Americans, the draft continues to berate the Supreme Court’s decision in Obergefell v Hodges which for all legal purposes ended the debate on same-sex marriage. Furthermore, this position continues to alienate any chance of the party growing as it alienates the 71% of those born after 1981 who support same-sex marriage or the concept that government does not have the right to interfere on this issue.
  • The draft includes language that approves of building a wall across the entire Mexican Border, ignoring the fact that such a wall would cost between 15-25 billion dollars and would do absolutely nothing considering Mexican Immigration to the United States has turned Net Negative (more people are leaving than are arriving). 
  • The draft includes language that continues the position that Climate Change is not human caused, even though a majority of Americans AND Republicans think otherwise (70% and 56% respectively). Furthermore it adopts the ludicrous notion that Coal powered electricity is somehow “Clean Energy”.

These are just a number of the amendments passed by Subcommittees Monday and Tuesday that just add to the evidence that the Republican Party has been hijacked and put on a self-harming path forward. The draft in addition to the stated above included language that would practically allow for parental abuse of their children, conversion therapy (panned almost universally), the abolition of food aid for the poor (and not fraud), and complete denial that ISIS is targeting the LGBT community (as was the case in Orlando).

Regardless of our parties split views on Donald Trump, we must fight to take back our party. One that was built on the ideas of small government and constitutionality, not interfering in peoples lives at every turn like Big Government likes to do or denying our constitutional mechanisms like the Supreme Court. One that stands against monies influence on politics, not being bought into the idea that coal is “Clean” or that keeping FBI terrorist suspects from buying guns is somehow a crazy idea. Our party MUST adopt a platform that instead of going further right, goes further center. If we fail to do so, we risk alienating the younger generations who will be horrified by this long list of mistakes. Furthermore, if we as a party fail to actually represent the majority of the American people (as none of these stances hold a majority in polls) then our party will literally die out as the population ages and lose complete control of this countries direction. You don't have to go far to see it, people are officially jumping ship from the Republican Party in record numbers.

Tell the RNC - Enough is Enough. We want a moderate, future looking party. Not one that embraces idiotic concepts that will lose elections and Americans support in general.

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