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Stop Politicians From Accepting Donations From The Pro-Gun Lobbyists

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Amount of money spent in Gun Control Lobbying: $1,678,956

Amount of money spent in NRA Lobbying: $3,085,564

The rapid increase in gun violence within our society has led to a desensitization, which has, in turn, delayed any real action for gun reform. If even the Sandy Hook mass shooting, which resulted in 28 deaths (including 20 children), prompted no change, what’s the real issue at hand?

The large gap between the amount of money spent by gun control lobbyists and NRA lobbyists represents the magnitude of respective influences imposed on Congress from each group. The economic incentives involved, causes politicians to prioritize the interests of the larger benefactors instead of working for the true interests of the people. Objectively speaking, the vast majority of Americans (over 90%), gun owners (84%), and NRA members (74%) are in support of universal background checks. If this is the case, where the majority of people on both sides are in agreement, then why don’t both groups work together? The majority of people, on both sides, want the same thing, so why is no action being taken to reform gun control?

The amount of money that the National Rifle Association (NRA) donated to politicians in 2015, $3,085,564, is almost twice the amount contributed by gun control groups, $1,678,956. 44 of 100 U.S. senators and 249 of 435 U.S. House Representatives have accepted donations from the NRA. The NRA has also spent over $14 million taking down candidates who oppose background checks.

 By allowing our politicians to accept donations, you’re allowing them to cater to a powerful minority for their own economic interests. Once the economic incentive is removed, they will have to do the right thing and listen to what the majority of Americans want: Universal background checks. Take action and sign our petition to stop gun violence and create a safer society. You can do your part by researching candidates before going to the polls and refusing to re-elect candidates who accept NRA donations. The link below contains information regarding which politicians have received donations and how much.

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