Stop Marquette University From Removing Incoming Conservative Student for Her Beliefs

I don't agree with most of Ms. Pfefferle's beliefs & actions. You & she might be surprised to learn that some far-left liberals support her & are on her side. Freedom of thought & speech are essential rights. No one should be barred from work or school for one's beliefs, provided one can work in a neutral manner, that the beliefs don't interfere with the necessities of the work, & that one is courteous, non-violent, & non-discriminatory towards others with whom one might not agree. It's important to understand that people are individuals, who don't always adhere to the stereotypes of their larger groups. Ms. Pfefferle, Marquette has rightfully said that it won't rescind your acceptance. I hope that those who disagree with you can accept you, too, as I hope you can accept them & their differences. Good luck to all.

Randy Avalos, Menlo Park, CA, United States
1 year ago
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