Reverse the Connecticut Teacher's Union plans to delay the opening of Schools.

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The Connecticut's largest Teacher's Union is calling for the delay in opening schools by two weeks.

One major teachers union is now calling on the state to delay reopening schools – the Connecticut education association is still

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Connecticut's largest teachers' union is recommending postponing the start of school for two weeks and expanding remote learning for some school districts.

The Connecticut Education Association (CEA) released an updated set of recommendations for returning to school on Monday.

The organization cited decisions by both Massachusetts and Rhode Island to push back the start of classes for two weeks.
The CEA said starting school in August with higher temperatures and with many schools without air conditioning could make it more difficult to enforce wearing face masks for long periods of time through the school day.

Pushing back the beginning of the school year would also allow districts to enhance their distance learning plans, according to the CEA.

“We’re not saying no at all to any sort of in-person learning. What we’re saying right now is we just need some more time, we need to make sure that distance learning can be done as best as we can do it,” said CEA President Jeff Leake.

The plan calls for additional two weeks of preparing so the kids can be safe. They also want to expand remote learning in some school districts during the meantime. 

However, the kids need in-person learning so they can get more work academically and make friends.

Distance (Remote) learning is impacting school children of all ages all over the state of Connecticut.

They need more education and have fun at school.

If you can please take the time to sign this petition to keep kids at Connecticut's schools, please do so!