Randall C Tucker Need 1000 Signatures to run for House 2022 - Republican #MAGA

Randall C Tucker Need 1000 Signatures to run for House 2022 - Republican #MAGA

July 4, 2020
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Started by Randall Tucker

Hey, I worked on behalf of the Republican National Committee in 2017 for a few months gaining pledges from fine
Republican/Independent folks and including some Governors! I did many campaigns to help Donald John Trump for his
upcoming 2020 term election... Some include Wisconsin, Illinois and even Arizona! And many more... On behalf of my
experience I can say I'm very confident in my skill set. I plan on running for a seat on House of Representitves... I want to protect our Constitutional rights including our beautiful 2A an 1A that
Democrats want to take away... I agree with much of President Trump's policies which we stand on Liberty and our Republic on
which it stands. Democrats will do anything to tear the wall down, however I want to make sure the Wall stays intact and
upgrade it in future years to come if I decide to run for presidency one day! I am very ambitious of my political dream and
desire to protect our beloved Military as I come from a Military Family and our Vets deserve respect. Antifa are lawless anti- American and I want to eventually once I run for presidency in the far future lock up those democrats left from Trump's terms
that fall through cracks... I am not controlled by the libertarian elite and am not a puppet. I am doing my homework more on
political science and I intend to follow in Trump's footsteps and secure our country and education for our children and
protecting our freedom which was founded on especially for African American folk after all Lincoln placed in motion the freedom to
slaves... I want to secure jobs in future for all' including women and many more policies. 

No more Democrats raising taxes for already we can barely support our lives!


Randall Charles Tucker for House of Representatives 2022 Keep America Great and never let it fall under corruption again!!! 40 years of major corruption to the people no more! Less Government and more power to the people!!!

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Signatures: 17Next Goal: 25
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