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Persecution of Moore, a pattern of capitulation!

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We the undersigned hereby demand that the Government and Representatives of the People of the United States of America, undertake immediate examination and redress of the following issues, in respect of the persecution of Roy Moore and other conservatives, by those members of the RNC who do not represent the views of the majority of conservative voters in the United States of America:

When those who claim to represent all Americans do in reality condone, back and participate in operations to usurp our traditional way of life, there is no longer any recourse than to seek new representation. This latest grievance is not some mere solitary offense, born of inevitable human error; it is a lone thread in a pattern of political self-interest being placed before the duties of those who have been elected from our ranks to represent us. In the course of this past year we have seen these grievances time and again, which have gone uncorrected.

1. Disinterest in high crimes perpetrated by HRC and other prominent former officials;

2. Blatant contempt towards the President who was democratically elected, and thus disrepectful of the American people as a whole;

3. Unwillingness to oppose attacks perpetrated against those who hold conservative ideals;

4. Disunity in Congress, quelling legislation even when said legislation is aligned with the will of the voters;

5. An unwillingness to bring to the fore commonplace persecution against Caucasian conservatives, such as the systemic suppression of conservative ideas online, outright anticonservative indoctrination of children in the public school system, which our taxes are levied for, and blatant racism and discrimination against Caucasians.

6. Condemnation for reasonably upholding the ideal that American history and culture should be preserved, such as showing support for flying the Confederate flag, the preservation of historical monuments, and reverence for our forefathers.

7. Consenting silence and police absence, which represents overt endorsement of protestors' violence at events such as the "Battle of Berkeley."

8. The lack of judicial accountability when judges pass rulings in blatant contempt of the law. Such rulings run against the very apolitical principle of the judicial arm, in making politically biased decisions as demonstrated by the travel ban ruling, the homosexual wedding cake ruling, and an ever-increasing number of cases involving pedophilia.

9. Allowing those in power to pass unconstitutional legislation in outright contravention of the Second Amendment and the Tenth Amendment, as in the cases of states such as California, as well as in municipalities such as Chicago.

10. Silence and inaction when conservative activists such as Lauren Southern and the Kennedy Ministries are branded as purveyors of "hate speech" by groups such as the SPLC.

We the People of the United States of America shall no longer bear the burden of such unconstitutional oppression, which are executed in acts of commission by the DNC and by acts of omission by the RNC. Let it be known henceforth that we who sign this petition shall never again cast a ballot for those who persecute conservatives, or who allow conservatives to be persecuted.

In the words of Benjamin Franklin: "We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly we shall all hang separately." If those who are placatory towards liberal progressives in the RNC do not heed this warning, then they shall indeed hang next to us.

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