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They are keeping people out of work and impeding the growth of the economy.

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Republican Congress
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Remove the Saboteurs

In the midst of the worst economic calamity since the Great Depression, a group of Republican law makers selfishly and heartlessly, chose to place their political aspirations above the well being, and survival of American citizens. They agreed on a plot to literally sabotage the economy by voting against any and all legislation presented by the president to help in its recovery. – This, regardless of how detrimental it would be to the welfare of the citizens of this country. (Copy and paste the link below for full details).

This was callous, it’s heartless, it’s un-American and unbecoming of U.S. Congressmen. The Congressmen that attended the meeting, to use the U.S. economy, and the livelihoods of the middle class and poor as a political tool for their own selfish gains, and those who followed their devious plot, are here by requested to step down. We no longer require their services as our representatives.


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