Stop the usage of the word NEWS to describe primetime debate/opinion programmes.

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We watch NEWS programs to be informed of current affairs around us and in our country. By inviting people to the program to debate and give their opinions, these programs dilute the original reason for the program's existence. Further, some of such programs have anchors who wilfully give their personal views and bend the show to an ending that suits their opinion and ideologies. Since such programs are aired during prime family hours, even if such programs are broadcasted on NEWS specific channels, homes with one television may have families (read children) watching, listening to and getting influenced by such programs. Unlike a simple NEWS program that disseminates information, these programs are silently educating viewers in what they feel how that particular news bit should be absorbed in the guise of an informed opinion of it. Our future generations should grow up in an environment that is conducive to free thinking.

Therefore I request all news channels to stop the usage of the word NEWS during such programs and clearly state that such programs are only opinions of the individuals on the panel including the anchor before airing such programs. Secondly, I request  that such programs be pushed to be aired during non-primetime hours.