Freedom for prisoner students who are unhealthy

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Freedom for prisoner students who are unhealthy

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Federation of Democratical Student Associations started this petition to Republic of Turkey Ministry of Justice

We are typing this petition task to describe situation of students who are political prisoner in Turkey and call you to support our compaign for their freedom.

Thousands of Prisoner Students

There are nearly three thousand students are inmate in Turkey. One thousand of them are university students and the rest of them are high school, secondary school and primary school students. Would you like to know why they are in prisons?
In fact, there is a war between Turkey and Kurdish guerillas because of cultural rights and identity problem. Kurdish people have been fighting against Turkish governments for ages.
Initially, due to this political atmospher Kurdish students are one of the most important flock who against the governments about identity problem and the rest of public problems, either. Secondly, they have some desires from the governments such as equal, free of charge, scientific and in mother tongue education. Eventually, the governments accuse them of being terrorist like .all of the capitalist states' approach towards the dissendings.

Unhealthy Students
We would like to draw your attantion to unhealthy students in prisons. Their numbers are increasing over and over. Although some of them required to seem by doctors they are not taken away any hospital. For example, Uğur Tekdal who is a student in the University of Istanbul is a prisoner and he suffers form ulcerative colitis. He lost 30 kilograms in one year, however, he can not receive any treatment or medication except painkillers.

Call for International Solidarity

Finally, we know that we can save our friends, if we fight together. We call you to spread our petition to make the government free the imprisoned students.



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This petition had 119 supporters

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