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Why this petition matters

As a result of the Supreme Court’s most recent position to overturn the historical 1973 decision of Roe vs. Wade, women are now faced with the removal of basic Human Rights and complete body autonomy. While criminalizing the majority of marginalized women and stripping them of their rights, access and availability to safe termination procedures, the Supreme Court has single-handily created a chaotic environment for women all over the nation.
We believe that the actions taken by the Supreme Court has less to do with the actual “rights” of the fetus and more to do with the ever decreasing childbirth rates across the country. 
We also believe that by banning access to safe abortions, mothers who face socio-economic difficulties will now rely on a system to aide her in taking care of a child that she in the first place, did not want. Statistically speaking UNWANTED children, end up funneled into the Foster Care System and then into the arms of either the standing military or the prison industrial complex. 
It’s NOT about the life of the child, because if it were, the same states that are aiming to ban abortion would offer more resources to help these same women deliver healthy babies in safe environments. Women who are forced to have children are abandoned and the cycle continues. 

By essentially forcing women in poorer communities to give birth to unwanted children, lawmakers are simultaneously creating an environment that would leave women with very little resources in harms way. 
The actions of the Supreme Court further perpetuates the notion that women should be penalized regarding their enjoyment of intimacy and pleasure and these abhorrent  laws are intrusive, dangerous and sets the precedence for other liberties to be challenged. 

The BEAUTY of WOMANHOOD is that, while we cannot readily change the laws, we can RIGHTLY PROTEST WITH OUR BODIES. One way of doing so, is to simply NOT GET PREGNANT. It’s sounds easier said than done, but we are taking it upon ourselves to provide women with sexual alternatives (if needed) and resources to abstain from getting pregnant. 

We are (as women) more powerful than they would like for us to believe. 
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14 have signed. Let’s get to 25!