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Charge the BLM & contractor for animal abuse for the inhumane handling of a pregnant mare.

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BLM and their contractors for the recently completed Cedar Mountain wild horse gather in Utah resulted in many more deaths than were reported. The BLM posts daily euthanasia numbers on their site, but they neglect to publish anywhere horses that die in the following days as a result of being rounded up and placed in pens.

This round up they also had an incident where a pregnant mare was chased for miles, then roped by a horseback rider, and in trying to escape she tumbled onto a barbed wire fence. Making it to the other side of the fence, and being strangled by the contractor's rope around her neck, she ran against it with all her remaining strength and escaped.

She is now back in the wild with a dangerous lasso around her neck that will easily get hung up on something and cause her to be strangled to death. She may abort her foal from the stress of the stampede caused by the helicopter or the impact of falling over a barbed wire fence. She also may get sepsis from the barbed wire injuries she sustained.

By every imaginable interpretation of animal cruelty and abuse laws this fits the bill.

We ask that you demand consequences for this behavior. The flight records should be produced, as from the photos from several photographers, it was flying lower than allowed by BLM policy. We want BLM and the contractor charged with animal abuse, and we want to see helicopter roundups stopped. It is a horrifying thing for flight animals as sensitive as wild horses to be stampeded via noisy flying objects. It is dangerous for these horses, and BLM refuses to require helicopters to be equipped with 360 degree cameras so that there is transparency in the entire roundup, not just the public viewing that is allowed at the end, near the trap site.


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