Representative Cheney: Turn on the comment section on your ‘He Knows It’ YouTube video ad

Representative Cheney: Turn on the comment section on your ‘He Knows It’ YouTube video ad

August 4, 2022
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Representative Liz Cheney
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Why this petition matters

Started by I Curtains

Representative Liz Cheney released a campaign ad in which her father, former VP Dick Cheney, said that the greatest threat to the republic throughout all of American history was former president Trump. Throughout the ad the former VP referenced January 6th and said that his daughter will ensure that Trump is never in the Oval Office again [1].
Not surprisingly, Representative Cheney has the comment section on this video disabled. Why? Because she’s afraid her and her father will be called out for the fake conservatives and warmongers that they are. This petition calls for Representative Cheney’s YouTube channel to enable the comment section on the campaign ad YouTube video. Cheney is an elected representative, she answers to the American people. She needs to stop blocking our legitimate criticisms of her.

Say what you will about January 6th, this petition is not a defense of January 6th. But Dick Cheney, who claimed Trump is the greatest threat to the Republic [1], served as Vice President under a man who plunged the nation into multiple endless wars in the Middle East, wars which resulted in the deaths of thousands of Americans [2]. 

Representative Liz Cheney rejects an America First foreign policy, calling it “wrong and dangerous” [3]. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to political criticisms of Dick and Liz Cheney.

I was planning on commenting on this and much more under the campaign ad on YouTube, but representative Cheney’s channel disabled the comment section. If the government is to be of, by and for the people, then elected representatives need to stop trying to block legitimate criticisms from Americans. That is why this petition is calling on Representative Cheney to enable the comment section on her YouTube ad titled ‘He Knows It’.

If you’re a Trump supporter and/or a paleoconservative, I encourage you to sign this petition. Even if you’re a progressive or libertarian and you think Trump is the worst person in the world but you don’t like how Representative Cheney is blocking criticism, it wouldn’t hurt to have your signature as well.

If Representative Cheney stands up for the truth as the former Vice President claims she does in the ad [1], then she should at least be willing to hear it.





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Signatures: 7Next Goal: 10
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