Climate Action Now

Climate Action Now

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Kat Haber started this petition to Representative Boebert

This week, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Policymaker Summary released a jaw-dropping report that made clear the choices that we must make to ensure a livable, equitable future in the face of climate change. We are living through climate tipping points now—with more destructive wildfires disrupting Coloradoans' economic lives. It's abundantly clear that we must do more to reduce greenhouse gases.

Wildfires are raging throughout Colorado led to the mudslide closing I-70. Last summer those wildfires risked the homes of so many neighbors. This summer food and supplies are disrupted from mudslides closing I-70 through Glenwood Canyon. 

We must center climate response. This is an emergency and we can’t wait. Congress must act now to leave a planet that is healthy and habitable for future generations. That means-

What We Want to See in the Budget Reconciliation Bill 

1. Establish a federal Clean Energy Standard (CES) with ambitious renewable energy targets to drastically reduce emissions, decrease pollution, promote community resiliency and energy democracy. Radically reduce methane releases.

2. Invest in green infrastructure jobs. Create a Civilian Climate Corps with a wage of at least $15/hour. 

3. Ensuring at least 40 percent of the benefits of climate & clean infrastructure investments are directed to disadvantaged communities with the Environmental Justice Mapping and Data Collection Act to gather, map, and layer environmental justice data, providing the framework needed to precisely get money into frontline communities.

4. Pathway to Citizenship for DACA, TPS holders & essential workers, including immigrants. 

5. Incentivize an electrical vehicle replacement. Build out a full coverage EV charging station system throughout America, including rural areas. Make the transportation system circular so that all of the old combustion engined cars can be easily converted to electrical or hydrogen so that they do not become a significant waste or are exported to other countries to continue polluting our atmosphere from abroad. 

6. Incentivize upgrades on housing through the weatherization & energy efficiency programs at scale.

7. Establish a federal affordable housing acquisition fund to build resilience against economic downturns by securing sites for development or preservation of affordable housing.

8. Build out affordable universal internet access

We call upon you to quickly pass an inclusive recovery, include our key priorities in recovery, and make sure our priorities are fully funded. Collaborate in Congress to pass a powerful recovery package that works for all people.




0 have signed. Let’s get to 25!
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