Expel Congressman Lee Zeldin for Sedition

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Representative Lee Zeldin should be expelled from Congress.  He tried to block recognition of November's free and fair election for President of the United States; he persisted in the lies that fomented the January 6th insurrection even after the deadly terrorist assault on the Capitol.

Long Island's congressional delegation must stand up for decency in our community.  Representatives Kathleen Rice, Tom Suozzi, and Andrew Garbarino should demand Zeldin’s expulsion. They should do so publicly and immediately.

The endorsement of the disinformation charade, deference to unconstitutional authoritarianism, and traitorous rejection of our entire democratic system is a crime so grave that it becomes a stain on our entire community.  Failure to scrub this stain clean sends a dangerous signal that violent insurrection will be tolerated.  That will only encourage more and deadlier insurrections in the future.  This is no time for appeasement. 

Sign this petition to call on Representatives Kathleen Rice, Tom Suozzi, and Andrew Garbarino to demand Zeldin’s expulsion for supporting the overthrow of the U.S. constitution.