Replay Belgium-Spain for the Rugby World Cup qualifying / Repetición del Bélgica/España

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Plea for a replay of the rugby match Belgium – Spain of the World Cup qualifying round. We plea to the largest authority of rugby worldwide (World Rugby) to set the example in the world of sports and request for a replay of the match between Belgium and Spain with an independent referee team from a tier-1 rugby nation. This should be in response to the unfortunate event occurred on Sunday March 18; a Romanian national was appointed referee for the match, with the consideration that Romania would qualify in the event of a defeat of the Spanish squad. The referee ruled a 28-to 8 penalty balance in favor of Belgium, being instrumental to the result of the match (18 -10).
Petition raised by an Argentinian that believes in the spirit of rugby.

Para que desde el organismo mayor del rugby mundial ( World Rugby ) den un ejemplo al mundo del deporte y demuestren con hechos que el rugby es un deporte diferente, este partido debe de ser revisado y se debe de volver a jugar y que gane el mejor, sin intereses de por medio, y lo pide un Argentino, no un Español y que sea por el bien del rugby.