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Replace this Congress

Civil action by you and I, are required to order the Supreme Court and all States Secretaries of State to start re-votes immediately for 2013 of Federal Congressional Representative replacements. We cannot afford the lazy ignorance of the 2012 majority elected congressional house members. They have begun the process of destroying millions of American jobs, work less than half-time themselves, and blame others for them not complying with the constitutional job they were sent to do. "Please Sign and forward to others"

In 2013, the House will be in session for a grand total of 126 days. Normal work time is a minimum of 330 days. That is approximately 1/3 of real work time.

(Video News) Republican Majority Rule Congress has pledge to spend about two-thirds of the year not working. For example; In January the U.S. Congress will be in session for only eight days—which, compared to August where they will be in session for only two days, is considered a “full month.” June will be Congress’ busiest month with only 16 whole days of work. They are still being paid by our tax dollars for essentially all 30 days of the month, "Wasting well over Ten Million dollars ($10 million) in compensation" for tax payer funded vacationing. These indivividuals are a major drain on our national budget, a threat to national recovery, civilian health and national security.

The same individuals elected in 2012, are committing perpetual felonies against our country, it's people, and worldwide economic stability. The majority are republicans that have also refused to enact any jobs or security acts since 2010. The 2013 congress does not have to be lived with. We have the ability to initiate a new congressional election immediately here in 2013. Our nations people cannot afford any more intransigent laziness of congress.


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  • Nightline
  • Face the Nation
  • Governor of Mississippi
    Haley Barbour
  • Kansas office of the Secretary of State
    Kris Kobach
  • Hardball
  • U.S. House of Representatives
  • U.S. Senate
  • Wisconsin Secretary of State
    Doug La Follette
  • West Virginia Secretary of State - Deputy
    Sheryl Webb
  • Texas Secretary of State
    John Steen
  • Florida Secretary of State
    Ken Detzner
  • Secretary of the State of Alabama
    Beth Chapman
  • Arkansas Secretary of State
    Mark Martin
  • Georgia Secretary of State
    Brian Kemp
  • Louisiana Secretary of State
    Tom Schedler
  • Missouri Secretary of State
    Robin Carnahan
  • North Carolina Secretary of State - Chief Deputy
    Rodney Maddox
  • Ethics Commission of the State of Ohio
    Ethics Commission
  • Tennessee Secretary of State
    Tre Hargett
  • President of the United States

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