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Replace the unelected House of Lords with an elected Second House

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The UK continues to adopt an outdated structure for scrutiny of legislation passed down by elected members of parliament (MPs) in the Houses of Parliament. 
At this time there are in excess of 800 unelected members of the House of Lords (a number that is continuing to grow), in contrast to a little more than 600 elected Members of Parliament (a number that is planned to be reduced). Each of the members of the House of Lords is able to claim £300 per day allowance, plus benefits, by claiming attendance.
Whilst many MPs in the past stood for radical reform of the House of Lords, when it comes to voting for change only minor steps have been made - some might argue that it is folly to expect those, who probably aspire to moving to the the Lords, to vote for a movement to an elected second chamber and those who hold prominent positions outside government are also likely to shy away from engagement in reform as they too might aspire to being made a member of the House of Lords.
It therefore becomes incumbent on the rest of the population, who are relying on the government to make meaningful reform to the Lords, to apply pressure on the House of Commons to get this matter firmly back onto the agenda and debated, in order for the public to achieve what many believe to  be a more democratic and publicly accountable elected second chamber, or that we be provided a better reason for maintaining the status quo than the recent conclusion by the Commons that the cost of members of the House of Lords was good value for money!
Whilst many of us accept there are a good number of dedicated and experienced members of the Lords, there are many who hold this status and provide little - I'm sure those who do a good job would secure election to a second chamber, so they should have little to concern them regarding any reform - their record will stand up for itself.
I urge you to sign this petition and pass on widely.

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