Replace the British Monarch in Canada with a local-born Monarch

Replace the British Monarch in Canada with a local-born Monarch

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Why this petition matters

Started by Canadian Citizen

This petition calls for the Dominion of Canada to institute an local-born Monarch, thereby becoming the Kingdom of Canada.


But why not just have an Elected President?

Having an Elected President means our Head of State would be partisan and it would undermine Canada's identity as a separate entity from the United States.

Furthermore, a large part of the population still favours a Monarchy.


What are the advantages of an Elective Monarchy?

In general, it allows for greater freedom of choice and consent by the people, as stated in this article:;view=fulltext;q1=Political+government

As an Elective Monarchy, Canada would have its very own Local-Born Monarch, to be elected on a term basis from a pool of families and Indigenous tribes that have historical significance and lineage in the lands we now call Canada.

Thus, the Dominion of Canada would become the Kingdom of Canada.

And, unlike our neighbours in the United States, this Kingdom's Monarch, though elected, would be Non-Partisan.

With such a system, we would affirm our own identity: neither British Subjects nor Americans.

Here are the benefits of instituting an Elective Monarchy in Canada:

  1. Allows Canadians to choose their Head of State, with the assurance that they are Non-Partisan.
  2. Resolves the issue of Abdication. Those eligible who do not wish to serve simply need not run for office.
  3. Affirms Canada’s identity on the world stage, and to its own people, as a full-fledged nation, competent in managing its own affairs.
  4. Continues a long tradition that marks Canada’s cultural distinction from the United States.
  5. Acknowledges the contributions of the various ethnicities to the fabric of Canada.
  6. Reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples and recognition of their contributions to Canadian society.


How might an Elective Monarchy be implemented in Canada?

An Elective Monarchy could be implemented in one of several ways. Here is one possible template of eligibility requirements to run for Monarch of Canada:

  1. Must be born in Canada and have resided here at least half of your life.
  2. Must have made a significant contribution to Canadian society. 
  3. Must be able to trace your lineage to one of the following:
    • A select group of families with historical significance in the lands now known as Canada.
    • An Indigenous tribe in the lands now known as Canada. This means any First Nations, Métis or Inuit.


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116 have signed. Let’s get to 200!