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Replace SLC's New Year fireworks with LASER show

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Given the horrendous air quality along the Wasatch Front during the winter months, fireworks should not be a part of New Year Celebrations.

Given that Utah has some of the worst air quality in the nation, Utah's capitol city should set an example by replacing fireworks displays with something that will not contribute to the toxic mix of chemicals and particulates in the air.  A LASER show or similar light show might be an excellent alternative:  There would still be a celebration with beautiful lights but there would be no additional pollution in the air.

I cannot recall a New Year's Eve in my 16 years in Salt Lake City that did not have significant fog or smog and the organisers of EVE could take advantage of that; in the event that there is no fog, light shows are also wonderful when cast onto the sides of buildings.  I've seen a number of elaborate light shows in European cities and love that it's possible to have an incredible visual and auditory experience without also experiencing suffocating fumes.

It seems absurd that the Utah Division of Air Quality should issue a mandatory no-burn notice but have the city put on an evening of organized festivities that not only increases road traffic (and pollution) but also deliberately spews pollution into the air.

We all need to start making different choices -- big and small -- to help clear Utah's air.  

Please set an example for the rest of the state and help change the culture from one that holds dear to old out-dated traditions to one that embraces new traditions that will make this great state even better.

Let's make a better Utah for ourselves and for all of the people out there who would like to continue visiting.

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