Replace single use plastic 3DPrinting spools with reusable spools

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Plastic has been a huge environmental problem because of how less then 5% of plastic is recycled and how unstainable that is.

Then I came across the person who made the master spool famous.  A master spool is a reusable spool that opens and closes with screw threads and uses coils for refills.  With a master spool you do not have to get a new spool for every refill of filament.

What we ask is for you to pledge to start only using either reusable spools, cardboard spools or a combination of both.  This will eliminate single use plastic spools.

 With this together we can enhance our worlds sustainability when it comes to 3dprinting. 

But , please remember the community is what gave us all of this Open source stuff so , please tread carefully