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Replace house day with Multicultural day 2017

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In light of recent events and positive changes that were a long time coming for the school, it has been brought to the attention of the graduating class of 2017 that the biannual Multicultural day has been cancelled and postponed till next year (unfortunately, we will no longer be present at the school for this).

Along with multicultural day comes excitement, acceptance, anticipation and a universal embrace across the school of different cultures and backgrounds. In light of recent global events, a day such as multicultural day provides the young women (future leaders, activists, role models, revolutionaries) of the college a chance to gain deeper insight into other cultures and the diversity that trademarks our school community. In world full of inequity and injustice, we (Class of 2017) believe this day is vital to the progression and cohesion of the school and future community relations in Australia and Globally. 

The new houses are extremely important to the future of the school and we understand that House Day would be a foundational day in the history of the school. The year 11s and other year groups below have worked extremely hard to make the process of changing house societies easy and involving all students. We are asking that House Day be placed on a day that enables Multicultural day to still exist with the same relevance it has in past years. 

Our cohort has taken careful planning into the anticipated success of multicultural day and have been eagerly been awaiting this day. Specifically, but not limited to, the Modern History classes and Italian class have been waiting to express their love for the topics in which they have been studying for the past year. Lenin, apparently, would be rolling in his glass chamber over the inability for these young women (comrades) to express all they have learnt and their passion for the Russian Revolution. 

We ask, with respect to the new house system, that Multicultural day move forward as planned. Please help us by signing this petition, it will only take a minute but will mean so much to the Class of 2017. 

- Year 12 2017

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