Replace Donald Trump's Walk of Fame Star with James Earl Jones

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Early this morning, a man with a pickaxe hidden in a guitar case destroyed Donald Trump's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. At this moment in time, a lot of us can relate. Yes, the star is a "paid for" item that is purely symbolic and must be maintained by the individual or their estate. Yes, destroying it will probably only result in the man who did the damage having to pay to fix it....but hell, it must have felt good! Thinking of all the policies this administration has reversed, probably just because they were Obama's policies (and helped to line the pockets of those pushing the absence of policy)...every lie in the face of overwhelming fact...every horrific statement against someone that didn't deserve to be attacked, spoken from the highest platform. Just imagine a swing of that pickaxe...striking downward and shaking the man's bones to the core on impact...rattling his teeth...and still, he continued until the job was done. That takes astounding resolve...or a whole lot of anger. 

Today, I'd like to send a message that we can put someone far better and boundlessly more entertaining in that gaping hole on Hollywood Blvd. For your consideration, I present James Earl Jones. Born in 1931, this prolific actor possessing of a voice instantly recognized the world over is surely worthy of our admiration, eternal respect and immortalization on that famed tourist destination, allowing his millions of fans to visit and share memories. From Field of Dreams to Star Wars to Dr. Strangelove...The Great White Hope to The Lion King....Coming to America to The Sandlot...we all have our favorite moments. In addition, we enjoy the great irony that a would-be dictator would be replaced by Darth Vader himself!!

SO..I leave this in your hands. Let's send a message. Sign up and swing that pickaxe, if only figuratively.