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Repeal Voter ID Laws

The voter registration and “Voter ID” laws recently introduced in 34 states were implemented under the guise to prevent electoral fraud. These voter ID laws have simply made it more difficult for minorities, the elderly, the handicap and youth to vote. Electoral fraud cases represent 0.0000003% of the number of votes casted in recent history.  Of that, only a fraction of the 0.0000003% of fraud cases were identified as being electoral fraud by way of voter impersonation.While there are many types of electoral fraud, the only form of fraud these laws claim to combat is voter impersonation.  Therefore solving a problem that is virtually non-existent, and disenfranchising an estimated 5 million voters. Has the voting population residing in those 34 states been victimized? Are they themselves victims of voter fraud by their respective state governments?


Repeal each of these Voter ID laws and give our citizens back their constitutional right to vote.


Other examples of Electoral Fraud include: Electorate manipulation, Manipulation of demography, Disenfranchisement

Intimidation, Vote buying, Misinformation, Misleading or Confusing ballot papers, Ballot Stuffing, Mis-recording of votes, Misuse of proxy votes, Destruction or invalidation of ballots, Tampering with electronic voting machines , and Vote fraud in legislature and Voter Impersonation. 


The Fifteenth Amendment (Amendment XV) to the United States Constitution prohibits each government in the United States from denying a citizen the right to vote based on that citizen's "race, color, or previous condition of servitude" (for example, slavery).


The Nineteenth Amendment (Amendment XIX) to the United States Constitution prohibits any United States citizen to be denied the right to vote based on sex.


The Twenty-fourth Amendment (Amendment XXIV) prohibits both Congress and the states from conditioning the right to vote in federal elections on payment of a poll tax or other types of tax.


The Voting Rights Act of 1965 (42 U.S.C. §§ 19731973aa-6) is a landmark piece of national legislation in the United States that outlawed discriminatory voting practices that had been responsible for the widespread disenfranchisement of African Americans in the U.S.



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