I ask Narendra Modi to stand up to Luddites and repeal the handloom reservation act

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Fellow Indians,

On May 2014, we elected a government that promised economic growth. We elected a government that promised a strong industrial foundation to support our great nation. We elected a government that promised break the chains of corruption, inefficiency, and socialism, and let this nation realize it's true potential

Unfortunately, those chains are proving to be quite stubborn. Writers like Laila Tyabji, who cling to a glorified, naive notion of our past, believe that entrepreneurs have no business investing in the textile industry. She and others liker her are Neo-Luddites.

Who were the original Luddites? They were 19th century artisans who were concerned that new-fangled textile mills would leave them unemployed. How did they address their concerns? By smashing up the textile mills! Their philosophy was simple: If they couldn't make cheap, affordable, comfortable clothes, then no one could!

Fortunately, the Luddites lost, and Britain went on to dominate the worlds textile market (see graph). If the Luddites won, world history would be very different today.

And just how did India do during that time? Thanks to our artisans, we were never more than an insignificant blip in the textile market. Thanks to our reluctance to industrialize (for whatever reasons), we remained an insignificant blip on the world stage.

In the last 20 years, we have largely reversed our industrial backwardness. Today, we're the third biggest economy. We're huge cement, steel, and electricity producers. Despite these achievements, we still lag behind in textile production and export. Archaic laws like the handloom reservation act have lead to a bizarre situation where even Bangladesh exports more textiles than us.

Remember, if Britian built an Empire on the textiles industry, then we can certainly build a nation on it. Sign this petition and have your voice heard for repealing the handloom reservation act.

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