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Repeal Florida House Bill 49 (The Bong Ban)

The majority of Floridians are against this bill. It is constitutionally unethical to limit what consumers can and can't buy. This bill is also in direct violation of all glass blowers Freedom of expression. The government is disregarding ones ability to display their own art. Glass blowing is simply that, an art. The government cannot take away someones ability to express themselves. The penalty that is proposed is outrageous, the use or possession of "drug paraphernalia" is a 3rd degree felony, meaning that even and unused pipe can cause someone to become a FELON as well as lose their right to vote! We need to stand up as American citizens and let all parts of our government know we arent going to sit idly by while our rights are stripped away. The 10th Amendment says that the Federal Government can only pass laws on things the Constitution gives it authority over. 

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