Repeal District 200 School Board Policy 7.40 Regarding Homeschool Students

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We request that the provisions of District 200 School Board Policy 7.40 be repealed, reconsidered, and rewritten, to make continued provision for the participation of homeschooled students living within this district in athletics and extracurricular activities in their local public school.

We believe that this new District 200 policy effectively excludes and discriminates against homeschooled students from taxpaying District 200 families, by requiring them to enroll and take a specified number of classes in public school in order to participate. This course requirement contradicts the very definition of homeschooling. Moreover, this shift in policy contradicts the by-laws of the IHSA, and its longstanding and clearly-stated policy of including and making provision for the participation of homeschooled students in these offerings in Illinois public schools.

We also believe that clarity is needed about the definition of homeschooling, and how homeschool curriculum plans can be clearly understood, verified, and approved by District 200 to allow continued participation by homeschooled students within the district. In particular, clear guidelines can be created that recognize that, while homeschooled students may supplement their homeschool-directed curriculum with courses from various sources (including online, distance, community college, and non-member private schools or co-schools in Illinois), they may still be eligible under IHSA rules to participate in their local public school, so long as they do not attend a private member school (as attendance is defined by the IHSA). 

 Most urgently, we request that the implementation of District 200 school board policy 7.40 be suspended, while these requests and clarifications can be considered.