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Repeal Arizona's Racial Profiling Law, SB 1070

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By signing SB1070 into law, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer has ensured the violation of countless people's civil liberties.

Not only has this act essentially legalized racial profiling, it has forced local law enforcement to take on the role of immigration police.

SB1070 contributes to a culture of fear among all residents of Arizona, from undocumented to native citizens. The social fabric and the economy of Arizona are at stake as both immigrants and native citizens feel the pressure to flee a state that has legalized racial profiling.

We need to push our elected officials to support common-sense solutions to immigration reform. Racial profiling isn't one of them.

Tell your elected officials to speak out against SB1070 and support real immigration reform!



CODEPINK AZ Women to Set Up "Camp Hermana" Outside AZ Governor's Home -- Calling for An Overturn of SB 1070

After staging a peaceful blockade outside the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) office, CODEPINK continues its protest against SB 1070 with a camp-out outside Governor Jan Brewer's Glendale home. The women's peace group is calling the camp "Camp Hermana" and it will be based on building unity and sisterhood from the evenings of July 30th to August 1st with discussion, prayer and song to highlight the need to overturn SB 1070.

"Thursday July 29th is a national day of solidarity for those who struggle for equal access to a better quality of life. Even though Wednesday's court ruling prevented the damaging provisions of SB 1070 to pass, the entire law has not been eliminated and the racist subtext which sparked the creation of the law still exists. Immigration rights activists can take this minimal injunction as a partial victory, but with the continued hostility from the Governor and local legislators the pressure and work cannot stop," states CODEPINK organizer Nancy Mancias.

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