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Repair The Links

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The current state of the parking, pedestrian and OHS ability at The Links South Oakleigh is in absolute disrepair and requires immediate attention prior to a new occupancy at the site of Masters.

Pellicano have provided the development execution of The Links shopping hub and outdoor parking centre for a variety of retailers including Bakers Delight, Subway, Australia Post, Woolworths, Masters, Tatts and Chemist Warehouse (to name a few).

While the layout for the shopping hub provides adequate movement for the variety of customers who purchase from their stores, unfortunately it has come to the communities attention that the standard of the parking centre is no longer satisfactory at all, and we urge Pellicano to amend the below immediately under the following reasons;

Shopping-trolley bays. - Too far from customer parking/not enough bays provided

The shopping-trolley bays are an essential service to the main chain occupancy of The Links – Woolworths. In addition to the trouble of utilising the carpark (with the addition of a trolley) listed below, The Links parking centre does not provide adequate trolley bays for the 300+ parking bays provided (at present – there are only x3 trolley bays located outside). Additionally the trolley bays provided are located in the direct middle of the parking centre. Without any adequate pedestrian marking on the cement of the parking centre, this creates an OHS hazard for all shopping pedestrians and drivers who need to either walk through direct traffic, or weave through parked cars in order to dock their trolley.

ZEBRA-CROSSINGS - Lead to nature beds and therefore pedestrians unsafely cross the road throughout the links car center.

Zebra crossings provide a safe and suitable crossing point for both pedestrians and cars. The use of zebra crossings in The Links should eliminate the frequency of car short-stopping and personal injury, however the location of the zebra crossings leaving the shopping hub lead into nature beds and do not trail into any further marked pedestrian footpath – leading pedestrians to continue walking unsafely throughout the car centre and in/around vehicles. This additionally creates an enormous hazard for cars which are parking, reversing from parks, entering the car centre and leaving the car centre, and rendering the zebra crossings completely useless.

Pedestrian Footpath - Lack of pedestrian footpath or pedestrian marking anywhere in the car centre.

Similar to a zebra crossing, pedestrian marking provides a safe and suitable walking space for pedestrians. In a car parking centre with 400+ car bays it is essential to provide pedestrian marking or footpath for pedestrians to safely access their cars and the shopping hub away from moving vehicles. Currently, with the absence of any pedestrian marking or footpath (aside from the immediate footpath outside of the shopping hub), pedestrians are required to navigate a considerable amount of moving vehicles to both access the shopping hub from their vehicle and to return to their vehicle. This includes; cars which are parking, cars which are reversing from a park, cars exiting the car centre, cars entering the car centre. Pedestrian marking or footpath is mandatory in this enormous space not only to gain safe entry to/from a vehicle but to ensure driver safety, as frequent stopping for pedestrians is additionally unsafe.

Divot guttering - Poorly planned divot guttering centralized across car centre creating hazard and nuisance for elderly, disabled community and trolleys.

The current divot guttering has a difficult execution across the entire span of the car centre of The Links. Utilising the central area of the car centre for divot guttering renders an unreasonable challenge for all pedestrians with a trolley to navigate through the car centre safely. Additionally the divot guttering is a direct movement nuisance and OHS trip hazard for not only our elderly but our disabled and injured community members.

Entry/Exit Signage - No signage for rows which lead to entry/exit.

At present, there is no exit signage to indicate which rows lead to the exiting roadway and which do not. Not only is this an irritant when attempting to exit the parking facility, but in the event of an emergency, all customers should be informed how to safely exit the parking centre.

Bottleneck Entrygate - Only one lane for entry/exit for main 300+ carpark vicinity, Cement blockades render unreasonable turn in & out of central Woolworths parking area, Poorly planned line marking creating overhanging cars into lane traffic, creating swerving/avoiding traffic cars.

Currently, we deem the entrygate as being one of the biggest problems of The Links. With only one lane permitted for entry/exit to the priority section of the parking centre this creates a bottleneck entry and exit process from what is otherwise both a large parking centre and a large roadway (with ample trafficlight entry).  Secondly, in this same area are two cement blockades, which create an unreasonable turn both in and out of the parking centre. It prohibits a car from turning both in and out at the same time and limits the ability for two lines of traffic to be amassed parallel to eachother, and therefore cars are frequently needing to drive over the cement blockades in order to successfully complete their turn (through no fault of their driving skills). Thirdly, in this same area again, the faded marked lineage for the parked cars to the left of the exit lane drastically overhang into the moving driving lane, creating an OHS hazard not only for the cars which are driving in/out as well as the turning cars in/out, but additionally for the parked cars themselves when reversing from this location. Cars entering and exiting the parking centre currently need to swerve to avoid these parked cars, which is outrageous in the main entry/exitgate.

WHAT WE WANT: A safe, functional parking centre

  1. More shopping-trolley bays.
  2. Shopping trolley bays to be safely located away from centre car bays and closer to shopping hub.
  3. Zebra crossings which lead to appropriate (safe) crossing points.
  4. Pedestrian marking throughout car centre.
  5. Restructure of divot guttering system.
  6. Relining or removal of overhanging car bays near entrygate.
  7. Ability for x2 entry and x2 exit cars in main entrygate.
  8. Redesign of cement blockades near entrygate for better ability of turning circle.
  9. Entry/Exit signage for laneways
  10. Repainting of car spaces
  11. Genuine plantation of heighted trees for car shade and a greener community
  12. Wider lane spacing for reversing from car parking and parallel driving (two-lines of car driving) through car park centre.

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