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Recently, the Hammond FOP and Hammond Police Department met with District 1 Indiana House Rep. Linda Lawson (Dem.) to review a bill she graciously assisted in drafting at our request. It can be referenced as HB 1387 or “Noah’s Law.” Essentially, the bill attempts to criminalize shooting a firearm in an incorporated city or town. It came about as the result of the death of 13 year old Hammond child (Noah Inman) who was killed last summer when a falling bullet fell from the sky and struck him in the head as he played basketball with his friends, near the Fourth of July (2017).

This bill does NOT attempt to curtail the shooting of firearms in a rural environment, but as a conservative (largely-rural) state, let’s be honest, the fear or perception is that we are trying to hit gun rights. To be very clear- the language of this bill EXPLICITLY criminalizes the shooting of firearms in a populated, incorporated CITY OR TOWN. It attempts to stop the loss of innocent lives at the hands of irresponsible gun owners- within populated environments. It holds responsible those persons who feel the need to shoot into the sky in a “celebratory” fashion- within an incorporated city or town. This bill has no effect on our rural neighbors who have many acres of farmland surrounding their homes. They will be unaffected, and will experience no loss of their privileges.

Indiana District 64 (Evansville-Vincennes area) House Representative Thomas Washburne (Rep.) is the Chairman of the Courts and Criminal Code Standing Committee. He is attempting to stonewall this good legislation. He has prevented it from being heard on his committee thus far. He will force this bill to die if his mind isn’t changed by Tuesday, January 23, 2018!!! This example of partisan tactics will continue to fail innocent people within the State of Indiana. We can’t let this happen!

PLEASE, in the name of the citizens whom we SERVE, for the sake of all children in our great State, and in memory of young Noah Inman, PLEASE call Washburne’s office and offer up a fight. This is the right thing to do. We don’t need anymore children to die at the hands of irresponsible and ignorant “celebratory” shooters in the State of Indiana!

Rep. Washburn

Remember- what goes up, must come down. This isn’t time for partisan politics. God bless. We continue to pray for the Inman (Burczyk) family.


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