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Office of Rep. Gary Peters
Vicki Christner
Office of Rep. Gary Peters
Hy Safran
Sandy Levin

Thank you for supporting the Syrian people's peaceful demands for freedom


The Syrian people are in need of international pressure against the illegitimate regime of Bashar Assad. The regime must be held accountable at the International Criminal Court for its crimes against Syrians.


Letter to
Office of Rep. Gary Peters Vicki Christner
Office of Rep. Gary Peters Hy Safran
Representative Sandy Levin
On behalf of the brave Syrians that are dying at the hands of the Assad regime, and the Syrian Americans who desire real freedoms for their Syrian brothers and sisters, I would like to thank you.

Your stance in opposition to the oppressive dictator is admirable, and we hope that other leaders and Congresspeople will follow your example.

May God Bless you and end the tyranny of Bashar Assad.