RI Latinos Last in Nation: Support the World/Dual Language Immersion Act!

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Support the World Language and Dual Language Immersion Act (S2506 and H7436)! This bill would establish a dual language program fund and a position of world language and dual language immersion specialist at RIDE.

RI Latino children are ranked last in the nation! Research has consistently shown that all students in dual language immersion outperform their monolingual peers.  These programs are attractive to businesses and families, and have been proven to close the achievement gap between English learners and native English speakers.  Ensuring that all RI graduates are bilingual and biliterate would position RI as a leader in the 21st century economy.

RI businesses, government service agencies, educators, parents, and the RI public have clearly called for expansion of language immersion opportunities, evident in the push for Globally Competent Graduates in the 2015-2020 Strategic Plan for Education.  We need coordination of these efforts to grow these programs at scale. The World Language and Dual Language Immersion Specialist would work with our teacher preparation programs to create pathways to certification, lead professional development activities to assure for coordination across districts, establish partnerships with other nations to bring visiting teachers to our schools, and collaborate with other states that are leading dual language immersion initiatives.  

Thank you for your support!