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Petitioning Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart

Stand with your communities; Sign the discharge petition to introduce the senate immigration bill in the house and stand against the SAFE act.

We need the support of the community, especially those in congressman Balart’s district, to tell him to stand against the monstrosity that is the SAFE Act and to sign the discharge petition.

The Strengthen And Fortify Enforcement (SAFE) act is a bill currently going through the house that would, among other fortifications to border security, give local police enforcement the same power as immigration enforcement.  This would allow the local police to ask people in the streets for their immigration paperwork if they see it fit.  This would not only affect undocumented families through a massive increase in the amount of detentions and deportation, it would also affect anyone who “looks undocumented”.  Citizens, residents, tourists would all be at risk of being harassed by local law enforcement because they “look undocumented”.  Similar to HB1070 in Arizona this would create an atmosphere of institutional racism by allowing cops to racially profile anyone driving or walking around.  This is why we ask Congressman Diaz-Balart to denounce this monstrous bill and vote against it when it comes to a vote.

There are better solutions to our current immigration crisis out there right now and we are asking our representative to take the alternative road of voting yes on the discharge petitions soon being submitted into the house.  We need 218 votes from representatives in the house to pass this petition which would force majority leader Boehner to introduce the Senate immigration bill for discussion on the floor of the house.  This is the best chance we have at introducing a comprehensive immigration reform bill that will not criminalize our communities while fixing the immigration system in the United States once and for all.


The time is now to act please sign the petition and show your support for the immigrant-American communities in the United States.

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  • Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart

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