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The extreme factions of the Republican Party are no longer interested in governing. This makes it nearly impossible for the House to pass legislation to address our nation's problems. For the good of the country Speaker Boehner needs to form a new COALITION OF THE MIDDLE composed of moderate Democrats and Republicans. This centrist coalition is the best hope America has for addressing its critical challenges through the US Congress.

Letter to
Representative John Boehner
We understand you are in a very difficult position because of the extreme elements within the House Republican caucus. It is clear the far-right Tea Party caucus within the House is not interested in governing the country nor are they interested in doing what is best for the majority of Americans.

For the good of the United States it is time for you to abandon the extreme elements of your party and form a COALITION OF THE MIDDLE. This coalition of moderate Republicans and Democrats could pass legislation to address our nation’s problems.

If you are interested in doing what is best for the country please FORM A COALITION OF THE MIDDLE so Congress can again work for all of the American people.

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