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Don't let Congress tell us who can carry guns in our state!

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On the first day of Congress Rep. Richard Hudson (R-NC) introduced the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017. Please sign our petition to urge the chairs of the House and Senate Judiciary Committees to block the bill. Tell them the federal government has no business telling your state who can carry a gun within its borders.

Hudson's bill would force states to honor the concealed carry weapons (CCW) permits of every other state, regardless of how permissive they are. In some states like Florida, Texas and Indiana the permit requirements are so lax they let convicted felons carry concealed weapons. A study by the South Florida Sun-Sentinel found
 that people licensed to carry guns in Florida included more than 1,400 who had pleaded guilty or no contest to felonies and 128 with active domestic violence injunctions against them.

Federally mandated concealed carry reciprocity is the top legislative priority of the NRA, staunchly supported by President Trump (he endorsed it in his campaign platform). H.R. 38 now has 196 co-sponsors, all but three from the majority party. It would take only an additional 22 votes to pass the House. 

The party of states’ rights wants the federal government to decide for your state and mine who can carry guns in public (which is, just about everyone). The bill is so extreme it even extends reciprocity to states that don’t require permits at all, so-called “constitutional carry” states, that allow lawful gun owners to carry in public without firearm safety training or up-to-date background checks.

According to UCLA law professor Adam Winkler, the real danger is the bill would allow the residents of states with tough permit requirements, like Connecticut, to circumvent their own requirements by applying for mail-order permits from states like UT, which issues two-thirds of its permits to out-of-state residents.

Like his friends at the NRA, President Trump compares gun permits to drivers’ licenses, and says they should “work in every state.” The analogy is bogus. All 50 states require competency tests, licensing, registration and insurance to drive a vehicle. None of that is true for gun ownership. Public safety will not be enhanced with gun-toting visitors who may have only passed an online test with a “C” on their fourth attempt—the only “training” it takes to get a carry permit in Virginia.

The gun lobby claims that lots of people carrying guns in public make us safer. It peddles myths that armed citizens reduce crime and stop mass shootings. But it’s just another one of their lies to justify their “carry everywhere” agenda.

An FBI study found that only 3 percent of active shooter incidents were stopped by an armed civilian. More than four times as many were stopped by unarmed citizens. After reviewing “more guns, less crime” studies, The National Research Council said there is "no credible evidence" that concealed carry laws reduce violent crime. A Violence Policy Center analysis found that during the five years after Texas passed its CCW law, license holders were arrested for weapons-related crimes at a rate almost double the general population.

Rep. Hudson’s federally mandated reciprocity bill is a serious threat to states’ rights and public safety. Please sign our petition to tell Representative Goodlatte and Senator Grassley, chairmen of the House and Senate Judiciary Committees, that you don’t want to outsource to Congress the laws that protect our communities from gun violence. Thank you.

Jonathan Perloe
Director, Programs and Communications
CT Against Gun Violence

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