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Rep. David Simpson, District 7: Change medical treatment laws

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In my instance: I started a new job. Had not met time frame for receiving insurance coverage as of yet. Went to two ERs at my local hospital two times each with such symptoms as vomiting blood, bile, grey matter, fever, kidney/back pain so severe I could not get comfortable standing, sitting, or lying down and was to the point of excruciating pain that I literally was hollering and crying in pain. Blood draws, urine collected for urinalysis, IVs ran, etc. and SOON as they found I did NOT have medical insurance, THEY CEASED ALL TESTINGS at Good Shepard Hospital. Come to find ONCE I DID have my insurance coverage, I have a H Pylori bacterial infection and THIS bacteria has the most potential for causing cancer. Cancer dominates BOTH sides of my family so I am already MORE PRONE to it. It turns out TIME HAS been my MOST VALUABLE ASSET & due to my not having insurance to ensure them some sort of money, this has become a bigger battle for me than should have been! Not to mention if I had been taken care of INITIALLY, this would've helped to SAVE/CUT medical costs....yeah?! Since my initial visit on Dec. 22, 2011- there was a close friend that was taken via ambulance upon falling and breaking her hip. They even TOLD HER that she got pushed to the back burner for days about her X-Rays and she was letting them know about her pain in her chest. Needlessly to say, there was a blood clot upon this lacking of treatment and with her physical therapy with the new hip, well, it could have cost her her life! I know that ALL the doctors met to decide on HOW TO HANDLE THIS NOW after the fact and I am SURE covered their tracks! While she DID have insurance, they gave her a BREATHING TREATMENT?! For a broken hip?! This insurance was provided by the state as she was a state employee... Now, how much did this state pay for such careless actions?! Practicing physicians are constantly placed on suspension for NOT doing their paperwork as necessary to continue neglecting patients! Then, there was a patient admitted with double pneumonia and placed into medically induced coma- they FAILED to revive her and she passed away. Such BLATANT DISREGARD & DISRESPECT for humanity has GOT TO CHANGE as do these laws that govern and protect actions like these!

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