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Petitioning Rep. Carlos Trujillo, Florida House of Representatives

Stand firm behind House Bill 997

Since 1990, Miami-Dade County has been the only county in the entire state of Florida allowed to have a breed-discriminatory ordinance on its books. This ordinance has not only been impossible for the county to enforce effectively and has caused significant distress to dog-owning Miami-Dade taxpayers, but has also not solved the problem it was intended to solve: reducing dog bites in Miami-Dade. This session Representative Trujillo finally sided with the caring people of Miami-Dade by sponsoring House Bill 997. This legislation rightfully removes the language that allows Miami-Dade County to continue discriminating based on breed, even though all of Florida's 66 other counties are prohibited from doing so.

Only after repealing our city's breed-discriminatory ordinance can we begin to make substantive changes to our community's laws regarding dog ownership and to make progress in other humane areas, such as reforming our city shelter to improve its save rate. Repealing this breed-discriminatory ordinance is the first key step to making Miami-Dade a safer, more humane community that we can all be proud of.

Please urge Representative Trujillo to stand firm behind House Bill 997 and to continue his efforts to finally put 23 years of ineffective local public policy behind us.

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  • Rep. Carlos Trujillo, Florida House of Representatives

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