Protect the Natural Atmosphere of New Mexico

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We, the undersigned, are landlords and residents of the beautiful state of New Mexico. We have experienced many environmental risks to the natural atmosphere of our beautiful high desert environment. Pollen, C02, haze from wildfires throughout the west… all these are known to us. 

However, a bigger threat faces property owners and their precious air: we’re talking about the scourge of unconscious breathing, tenants and renters who inhale too much of our good, clean air. 

We, the undersigned, call on all New Mexico municipalities to adopt laws and social health programs to stem the tide of unconscious breathing and it’s awful effects on our environment. Governments and individuals must realize: 

- Good, clean air is a finite resource
- We all need good, clean air to breathe
- The lion’s share of this air should go to property owners, not to the tenants or tenant-adjacent interlopers

Property owners have a right to their air, just like they have a right to the land they buy. But there are almost no assurances to landlords to protect these rights. This leads to the most deserving of us feeling winded, tired, bereft of a good night’s sleep because others are sucking down more than their fair share. 

We call on municipal governments to make common-sense restrictions to preserve our quality of air. Such solutions could include:

- Two half-exhales for every one inhale
- Parks, bike lanes and other high-volume breathing environments should be closed to all but property owners
- An anonymous enforcement tip line so heavy and reckless breathers can be reported to authorities discreetly
- Cheap and easy-to-use inhibitor masks delivered to every rental property

The changes we propose are radical, but conscious breathing is a radical endeavor. If anything we say here resonates with you, please add your name below and join your family and neighbors across New Mexico as we strive to breathe free. 

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