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Change Wisconsin's State Bird to the Whooping Crane!

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Wisconsin's current state bird is the robin, a state bird shared by 2 other states.  When that bird was selected, nobody could have foreseen what would happen in the state over the next 100 years.  The International Crane Foundation was founded in Baraboo by two college classmates who decided that they just weren't going to let cranes go extinct.  Since then, ICF has helped to bring back crane populations all over the globe, including North America's tallest bird, the Whooping Crane.  While the small wild flock of whooping cranes in Wisconsin is not yet sustainable, it does remind us that whooping cranes once inhabited the state before their near-extinction, and that many groups such as USGS, Fish and Wildlife, Operation Migration, and the Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership have worked for many years to bring the species back, along with many private volunteers and contributors including the Kohler family.  Changing Wisconsin's state bird to the whooping crane will help to educate people all over the country about the plight of this endangered species, and about Wisconsin's good environmental efforts which extend far beyond state boundaries.

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