Save Sydney theatres #reopenTheatreRoyal

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The Theatre Royal in Sydney was designed by Harry Seidler and is a unique part of the city's cultural heritage.

It's now at risk and needs your support.

The Theatre Royal was 'closed temporarily' in March 2016. Two and a half years later it’s still closed, with no indication that it will ever re-open.

The GPT Group and Dexus, co-owners of the Theatre Royal, have refused to meet with industry leaders to discuss its future, despite numerous requests. They continue to keep the entertainment industry and Sydney community in the dark.

While the Theatre Royal remains closed, our live performance industry is losing hundreds of jobs each year, $35m in box office revenue and Sydney theatre-goers are missing out on the chance to see great Australian and international productions. The theatre's closure has cost the NSW nightlife economy more than $140 million.

That’s why we’re calling for The GPT Group and Dexus to re-open the Theatre Royal now!

Sydney's theatre-goers and our performers, creatives, and production crews deserve better. It's time for the owners to open the doors.

It's time to end the uncertainty about the Theatre Royal and open the venue to our performers and audiences.

We call upon co-owners, The GPT Group and Dexus to re-open our theatre and bring live performance back to the centre of Sydney.

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