REOPEN THE CASE OF AL JACKSON, We Need Justice! #Justice4AlJackson

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REOPEN THE CASE OF THE MURDER OF AL JACKSON. 15 years ago our beloved family member was AL JACKSON, father of three children was handcuffed and beaten to death, however it was ruled as a "justifiable homicide" even though the murder was caught on camera. My family and Al never received the justice they deserved. He ran into Taco Cabana and fell over the counter and went head first really hard, keep in mind he suffered from severe asthma and needed medical attention. HOWEVER, a white woman ran out of the restaurant and flagged down the police and said that a black man was trying to rob Taco Cabana even though he was in obvious distress. He was by the door and the police officers pushed the door so hard that they knocked off the shoes of Al who was 260lbs. They turned him over on his stomach and handcuffed him as he was yelling that he couldn't breathe, the 7 cops began beating, kicking, and kneeling on his back even though he was in handcuffs and couldn't resist. When the police officers realized he was not moving they flipped him over and dragged him to the back of Taco Cabana and supposedly began CPR. When they couldn't revive him 2 other police officers were yelling at a fellow officer to go back and retrieve the footage of the murder. However, they were unable to get to the footage because it was in a locked safe. The ambulance also came but couldn't revive his beaten body, he was pronounced dead at the scene of the crime. When my family was notified, they went to Taco Cabana the next day looking for answers from the employees, they were terrified and unable to speak. Then a brave employee pulled them to the side after my family begged and cried for answers to say multiple employees had quit and managers asked to transfer because they had been threatened by the police to keep their mouths shut. All 7 officers and those involved, including the woman who flagged down the officers need to be held accountable for the murder of AL JACKSON. Tried and convicted! We're trying to convey the message that BLACK LIVES MATTER and always will, therefore they need to be treated like so. Reopening the investigation, and hopefully winning the case should help the spark of police reform in San Antonio, Texas.