Give back our Birth Centre!

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Today, on the same day the hospital posted about the state government easing restrictions on get togethers due to reduced Covid risk, they have decided to indefinitely close the Mackay Birth Centre.

Originally the BC was to have a room set up ready for if a Covid positive/suspected pregnant woman was to present which we accepted, as it would be “Business as usual” aside from that actually occurring.

They then decided to close the BC to birthing mothers and only take appointments in there. This we do not accept.

They have now closed the BC and have removalists coming to remove the furniture.
When they said they would be reassessing the situation we did not think when we are hundreds of K’s from a Covid case that they would be going even further backwards!

We are beyond disappointed with the Hospital’s complete disregard for women’s rights! We are upset at the lack of communication and secrecy that’s been involved. We are disgusted by the lack of respect shown to the amazing BC midwives.

We won’t stop fighting! We need your help!
Please sign this petition to show your support. 

*current clients, please note that your current midwife will still be supporting you during your pregnancy and birth. They are devastated at this news but are unable to comment.