Reopen "Horseshoe Island" or formally known to the locals as....the Inlet Sandbar!

Reopen "Horseshoe Island" or formally known to the locals as....the Inlet Sandbar!

June 1, 2022
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The Tidelands Resource Council Mary Robbie, Thomas Voltaggio, Phillip DiBerardino, Stuart Challoner, Joseph Grabas, Martha Doyle
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Why this petition matters

Started by Abby Martin

Officials from the state Department of Environmental Protection and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service launched a plan this year to manage what they’ve named "Horseshoe Island" (aka the LEH inlet sandbar), and close it to the public from March 1st to Sept. 30th for the next five years. Their rationale is to protect the nesting bird populations.  The island in question is about 1,200 feet offshore, just south of Little Egg Inlet off what’s known as Little Beach Islands near Brigantine.  Now that the media has exploited the location and organizations are involved, the bureaucratic entities have decided "Horseshoe Island" is off limits. 

Many people have enjoyed this natural island phenomena, and the entire area has been well marked with signs warning of the nesting population. Boaters do not violate or infringe on the avian habitat. There has existed a harmonious symbiosis between humans and this bird population for years on this island, and long before the rest of the world even knew this natural sandbar existed.  The nesting populations are sheltered from human harm and contained to an area that boaters don't trespass and can't easily be accessed. 

This pristine sandbar is such an important part of summer for so many families.   It allows them to  enjoy where they live; away from the vacationers who populate LBI.  Local boaters dock at the shoreline which is approximately 2,000 feet away from any nesting population. With an area of approximately 100 acres, there is plenty of room for humans and wildlife to exist in harmony without danger.    These endangered species do not build their nests at the shoreline where you often see tidal and current changes, along with ocean waves. Therefore, restricting the entire island is a bureaucratic hypothesis based on a lack of evidence.

Please sign this petition and let your voice be heard!  This island can be shared by these nesting, endangered birds and the local taxpayers of the NJ shore.  With a simple closed off area, this is a win-win solution. Sign this petition to reopen the Little Egg Harbor Inlet Sandbar or as named by the state department...."Horseshoe Island!"


Information about this Council appointed by the Governor:

The Tidelands Resource Council is a body of twelve Governor-appointed members. The Council meets monthly and makes decisions to sell or rent state tidelands. All of the decisions must then be approved by the Commissioner of the Department of Environmental Protection, the Attorney General and the Governor. The council meets the first Wednesday of every month at 501 East State Street, Station Plaza #4, Trenton, NJ. Council meetings begin at 10 am and are open to the public.

For 2010, riparian lease rates have a base rate of 49 cents per square foot per year for areas 700 square feet (65 m2) and larger.

Current members of the Council are:

Stuart Challoner of Island Heights
Jay A. Davidson of Brick
Richard Hale of Edison
George Kimmerle of Mendham Township
Robert Neff of Little Silver
Mary Pat Robbie of Marlton
Bethany Rocque-Romaine of Old Bridge
Peter R Strohm of Lakewood
Barbara Trought, Vice Chair
Lloyd Tubman
Thomas C. Voltaggio of Cherry Hill


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Signatures: 1,150Next Goal: 1,500
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Decision Makers

  • Mary Robbie, Thomas Voltaggio, Phillip DiBerardino, Stuart Challoner, Joseph Grabas, Martha DoyleThe Tidelands Resource Council