Reopen Colorado schools #onlywhenitsafe

Reopen Colorado schools #onlywhenitsafe

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Lets face it - schools shouldn't open yet for in person learning. Even though they are being asked to open right in the face of skyrocketing COVID 19 cases. The guidance from the CDC to reopen schools is to wear face masks, wash hands or use hand sanitizer often, and encourage social distancing in classes. The advice above would need humongous amount of money to complete and will be worse since  education budgets have been cut around the country.

In addition to this, there are some studies that show that COVID 19 may be airborne. Therefore, crowded and small places with little ventilation could be prime time for the virus. many classrooms in Colorado are small with little space. so you could guess that the virus could spread very easily. Lots of Students spend 7+ hours in a school every day. Ventilation systems must be revised to pump in air from the outside or at the least use purifiers to provide students and staff with cleaner air.

Lets take some countries that have reopened for examples. They have reopened because they have the virus under control and have lower case numbers. BUT the United States sadly doesn't fit in with those other countries. The U.S is leading the world in cases with more than 3 million.

We demand that Colorado delays the reopening of schools till its safe.

Shouldn't we do it to protect the more than 800,000 children and staff?