Reopen Chris Benoit murder case

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There is plenty of evidence that Chris did not do what was supposedly done that night and loads of his friends in the wrestling business as well as fans agree that something was wrong. WWE is a very sneaky comepany who care about THEMSELVES first before their wrestlers, Vince McMahon (the owner and person that is behind the talent) is a very smart and crafty person. This case must be reopened in hopes of shedding more light on what happened because if something truthfully was wrong and Chris wasn’t responsible it will make us all so happy as everyone loved him. He was the best wrestler ever and he deserves to be mentioned by the WWE and credited for all the things that he has done. He doesn’t get credit because WWE believe in themselves first and not the wrestlers, without the wrestlers from past and present WWE wouldn’t be where it is today. So please sign this petition it would mean so much, thank you.

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